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Group 1

We proposed ideas for applications focused on NIGHT MARKET.
Perform the following 3 steps.
QR reader→Food information→Gourmet food map
We also created a Keelung style for packaging design.

Group 2

Introducing the Rainy Day Adventure Vending Machine!
We are excited to bring you a unique experience that promotes the rainy life culture of Keelung to tourists.
Here's how it works!

Group 3

Propose an application for Heeping Island Park.
Make historical places more appealing by scanning the rocks in the park to reveal their history.
With this, both children and the elderly can enjoy it.
Pay the bill→Push the button→Walk around→Get your raincoat
Experience Keelung like never before and embrace the magic of rainy days as you explore our vibrant city.

Group 4

We propose an app called NAVI4U, designed to enhance the waiting experience for bus users. 
The goal is to make the overall experience enjoyable by leaving information about local tourist attractions at your fingertips.
With this application, you can intuitively find what you want.
The app features a user-friendly and adorable character, creating a pleasant atmosphere at the bus stops.

Group 5

Our proposal for Chaojing Park includes a travel brochure doubling as a discovery trail guide with stamp collection for rewards. 
We also suggest creating a park mascot for branding. Additionally, an audio guide device will educate visitors about the park's history and landmarks,all aimed at enhancing the visitor experience, particularly for young adults.

Group 6

Our app offers a QR code for easy installation with instructions in the user's language. 
It includes a 'matchmaking' feature for users to form diverse groups of around 5 people who explore together. 
Users who use the app as both tourists and guides can build a reputation within it, 
encouraging continued engagement and a more enriching experience for all.

Group 7

We aim to change perceptions of sudden climate changes positively and enhance the tourist experience. 
WAWA's exterior can display location-appropriate photos or artwork, adding vibrancy to the city. 
Our app offers weather forecasts and tourist information,
allowing tourists to make informed choices while staying sheltered from the elements.

Group 8

To encourage repeat visits, we aim to convey the historical significance of attractions while providing new experiential value. 
Our innovative service, 'BinGo,' combines travel with a bingo-like approach, 
making exploration exciting and encouraging tourists to actively search for new discoveries.

Group 9

We observed that loneliness is more pronounced at bus stops during the night when there are fewer people around. 
Our core idea is a product that eases finding bus stops in the dark and enables communication between stops to reduce anxiety. 
By holding the bus strap inside the shelter, you can connect with people at other stops, similar to being on the bus, and it also includes built-in lighting for visibility.

Group 10

Our core idea is to improve navigational methods in Jiufen, enhancing the tourist experience, 
providing insights into the area's shops and rich history. We propose a combination of physical features like road signs and pamphlets, 
along with digital features such as an AR "CAT" Guide. By addressing the challenge of navigation, we aim to help tourists explore Jiufen more easily, 
fully appreciate its beauty, and gain a deeper understanding of its history and attractions.

Group 11

Based on our fieldwork in Jiufen, where a group member got lost, we've pinpointed the navigation challenge in the area.
 To address this, we propose a Jiufen website that marks paths for reuniting lost individuals with their group and provides location distances, enhancing the visitor experience by offering information about local attractions and history.
 This aims to make Jiufen more accessible and enjoyable for tourists.

Group 12

Our focus is on the He Xing Mine, a historical tunnel in Taipei's Xinyi District, questioning whether tourists will truly enjoy it, given its relative obscurity.
 Our core idea is to attract tourists by offering them the opportunity to explore historically significant sites within the tunnel, sharing its rich history and stories, making it an exciting experience for all.

Group 13

Our service offers multiple shelters for visitors to enjoy brief rain showers,  providing a planetarium-like experience with self-drawn stars on the ceiling. 
The shelters communicate with each other, fostering a sense of community and shared stargazing, turning unexpected rain into a pleasant, anxiety-free experience.

Group 14

Our core idea is to improve the travel experience between the museum and the aquarium, mitigating discomfort and boredom during the journey. 
We'll enhance paths, utilize bridges, and add themed shelters to make bus stops easily accessible, 
ensuring an enjoyable visit between the two attractions.

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